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Ensuring Clean Water at Home

Are you worried that the water you are using at home is unfiltered and the possibility of consuming contaminants?  If so, this article will give details about high quality faucet water filters that can help you with your water filtration needs at home. A faucet water filter is a kind of water filtration unit mounted on a faucet, which helps to improve the quality of water. Though this kind of filter cannot purify water, it can help in improving its quality by over 20 percent. This means installing the device on your faucet or tap will enable you have water that is healthier than it was before filtering.

Once a faucet water filter is installed on your tap, it will aid in removing pharmaceuticals and chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals like mercury and lead as well as other kinds of organic compounds which can give water running from your tap an unwelcome odor and taste. By using the filter on your tap, you are guaranteed of clean water that also has a great taste.

Using a faucet water filter on your tap brings several benefits including:

– Protection from Diseases

This kind of filter will make you always have clean, filtered water. Drinking clean, filtered water will aid in protecting you and the other members of your family from diseases not to mention the water can improve tremendously your health.

– Better Testing and Better Smelling Water

The filter will ensure you are having better tasting and better smelling drinking water because it will reduce significantly the level of chlorine as well as bacterial contaminants.

– Affordable and Easy to Install

When compared with other water filtration units intended to serve the same purpose as it, a faucet water filter is cheaper alternative yet extremely beneficial. Also, unlike most of the other types of water filters which will require you to hire a professional plumber in order to install them properly in your home, this will not be the case with this type of filter.

A faucet water filter is a kind of water filtration unit that is also easy to install. The process of installing this kind of filter is straightforward as all you need to do is following the guidelines of the manufacturer that are easy to understand and interpret.

There are more advantages apart from the aforesaid you will experience by using a faucet water filter on your tap. However, if you have never bought or utilized this kind of filter before, being able to secure the right model can be a daunting task. That’s because there are various models in the market having varying features and prices.

Also, since the market niche for water filtration units is occupied with both original items and counterfeit ones, it’s important to do your homework before purchasing one.  By shopping around and comparing the various types of faucet filters sold by the different providers, you’ll be able to differentiate between which filtration units are high quality and genuine from those that are counterfeit. Researching will also make you find a reliable seller of original water filters that will offer you fair prices and very appealing terms of service. Here are factors which can help you find a high quality and affordable faucet water filter which will offer great and extremely reliable water filtration solutions when using it in your home:

How to Find the Best Faucet Water Filter

Tip1: Looking for Quality Water Filtration Systems Online

The internet is among the best places you can find a great water filter that is of high quality as well as affordable. As long as you are having a phone or any other device with internet connection, you can find a variety of high quality faucet water filter options online. When looking for this kind of filter online, search for the leading sellers of faucets water filters’ and a variety of choices will appear on your device.  Advanced faucet water filter review websites are also an excellent choice for doing this research.

However, because the internet has both genuine and fake sellers of water filters, make sure the source from where you are looking for information about faucet filters is reliable in order to avoid being misinformed.

Tip 2: References and Recommendation

Neighbors, friends or even relatives you know are using water filtration systems in their respective homes can help you secure the best seller dealing with top-notch faucet water filters. Enquire from this people where they bought their filters from, why they considered those sellers and how they are benefiting by using them in their particular homes.

Tip 3: Checking Reviews

If you will find several stores selling this kind of filters, it is important you check at their reviews online or visit the locations they are situated so that you can inspect their goods. The sellers you meet should give out their respective references lists where their previous customers have written their encounters with their filters and their contact details.

Link with several of their past customers by calling them and prove from them if in deed the faucet water filters being sold by those traders are original and reliable.

Tip 4: Looking for Traders of these Filters that are Licensed and Bonded

It is very important you check if the seller you opt to purchase you filter from is having a valid license. By being licensed, it means you will be purchasing your water filter from a business that is legally in business.

It is also recommended you buy the water filter from a seller that is authorized to sell it so that you can be taken care of in case there are any issues and a warranty claim has to be done.

Bottom Line

These are some of the tricks you can use to find a reputable purveyor that will offer you a quality and original faucet water filter which will suit your water filtration needs better. If you will find several reputable sellers of water filtration units that have high quality products, compare their prices and buy your filter from one with affordable quotes and exceptional terms of service.


3 Tips to Conserve Water

We have often heard people say that water is a precious resource. How could it not be? The human body is made up mostly of water, more than 50% in fact.

The planet that we live in is also comprised mostly of water. Thus, people start to wonder why they need to conserve any water at all?

Fact is that close to 100% of all of this water is salt water. Thus it is undrinkable and it isn’t good for human consumption. Less than 1% of all this water on the planet Earth is actually fit for human consumption.

With the population of the world growing at an unprecedented rate, this is why people need to put their best efforts into conserving as much water as they can. Apart from that, conserving water can help stop shortages and even help out the environment.

The NC CWEP team is here to share with you several tips that can help you do this.

Be Mindful of the Tap


Most everybody brushes their teeth everyday, right? For some people, they brush their teeth several times a day. Being mindful when doing this can do a lot for the conservation of water.

When you aren’t washing your toothbrush, just be sure to turn off the faucet. It is that simple!

At the same time, whenever you turn on the faucet, don’t turn it on fully. You can just open it a little bit to let enough water through to either wash your toothbrush or rinse away the foam from your mouth.

This same tip can be used when washing the dishes. You can strategically plan out how you wash your plates so as to save all the water.

For instance, you can turn on the faucet and let a little water through. Start by rinsing all the excess grime and food from your plates. Afterwards, you can take your sponge and soap all the plates and spoons and forks in one go.

When it is already, open the faucet again to rinse it all off.

Garden Strategically


The next tip we have is for gardening. People love to garden. It is a peaceful activity that so many people can get into.

However, people don’t realize that something as simple as where you put your plants can affect your water conservation and levels.

People often put their plants in pots, right? This is a nice way to keep your garden quite organized. However, people don’t realize that using pots and baskets will require you to use more water when watering your plants.

Instead, just plant them in the ground. This way, the plants take less water and even benefit from groundwater.

Don’t Wash Your Car


Alright, this last tip may sound a bit odd. No one wants to ride in a dirty car. It hurts the eyes of many people on the road.

Washing your car yourself will require a ton of water. If you have a large car, think about how much water you’ll need.

Instead, why not just head over to your local car wash. The good car washes recycle water, which is water conservation at its best.

At the same time, washing your carscan quite possibly contribute to stormwater pollution.

We hope these tips will help you in conserving water for a better tomorrow.