4 Ways that Animal Droppings Affect Water

Dogs are great companions for any person and family. There is a reason why they are often referred to as man’s best friend. They are loyal and when properly cared for, do not hold on to any malice or negative emotion.

However, sometimes people don’t know that there are some aspects of caring for pets that if not done properly can affect other vital things in our lives.

Case in point is pet’s droppings. All pets poop. That is just a fact. But people don’t realize that these droppings can have negative effects on the quality of water around us. The fact is that animal droppings are sources of bacteria and other unsavory organisms.

Here are several ways that animal droppings can affect water.

Scoop the Poop


The first thing you need to remember is that whenever you are out with your pet on a walk and it leaves something on the ground, pick it up!

This is actually just basic etiquette. If you don’t do it, you may be leaving it for some other walker to step on it.

When collecting your pet’s poop, be sure to use plastic bags. This is the best bag to use actually. You can reuse plastic bags that you got from the grocery store. Or if you’d like, you can buy specific doggy bags at any pet shop.

Whenever you head out on walks, make sure to carry enough.

Dispose of the Poop


Once you have collected the poop into your bag, now what do you do with it?

First and most important, do not compost it or even use it as fertilizer. For one, composting will not be hot enough to kill the bacteria in the poop.

For fertilizer, this is a bad idea. If rains come, it may wash over the poop and carry the bacteria down a drain. This unfiltered water will eventually run into a clean stream. This is called stormwater pollution.

You can instead flush the poop down the toilet. Just like a normal human’s poop! Be sure not to flush the plastic bag too though.

Apart from that, you can ask for certain people to collect the poop. This is a service that some places offer.

We hope that you follow these tips and have a good and clean relationship with your dog.