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Picture this. It is a wicked hot day. The sun’s rays are raising the temperature steadily. As you stand in line at the store, beads of perspiration cascade down your face. You feel stains forming under your armpits. Your throat is parched like the desert.

What comes to mind then? How about an ice-cold glass of water? Or what about the refreshing sea breeze blowing around your body as you wade in the cool waters of the beach.

People may not know it, but water is so important in our lives. It isn’t only for when people are thirsty or when the temperature rises to inconsiderate heights. Water plays a more vital role that people often overlook.

As adults, about 60% of our bodies are made up of water. For the younger generation, this percentage only increase. This water is constantly lost and we must replace it. Failure to do so may result in death.

Drinking water allows for the regulation of temperature. It keeps us cool. Other than that, it can clean our body from the inside out. It also helps out with how our brains function. While these are only a few ways water helps us, we hope you get the picture at how important water is.

Like everything important in our lives, we must do everything we can to protect it.

Any shady entities and individuals who want to poison their water supply like a comic book villain, water and water sources have other culprits that can pollute it. Most of the time, these culprits don’t even do it on purpose.

These culprits are things like mother nature, the animals that we have, and even “natural” incidences in bodies of water.

The NC CWEP website is here to talk about all of these things that could possibly affect the cleanliness of any such water source.

Apart from that and most important, we also write articles about the many activities that people can partake in so they can do their part in protecting the many water sources around.

People don’t realize it, but these activities are sometimes so simple. This simplicity is probably the reason why it is overlooked. People wouldn’t think of it affecting water.

One example is man’s best friend, dogs.Dog fecesmay be a source of contamination for water supplies. Another is normal rain that can contribute to stormwater pollution.

In any case, we hope you learn a lot from our articles and that you enact them around your house and communities. Keep your water clean for a future just as bright.