Water is part of our environment. As history has shown us, people don’t necessarily take the best care of their environments. Oftentimes, while they don’t do it on purpose, they still affect the environment’s health.

With the environment being so vast, the side of environmentalism and the actions that help keep the environment clean and strong is just as vast if not more so.

Many different groups of people may offer different insights into environmental concerns that people can learn from.

In order to see the many different points of view and actions in taking care of the environment, let’s take a look at several different blogs that people can visit to learn more about it.

The Cleanest Line

The Cleanest Line is a very green blog. By green, we don’t mean one that is rife with dirty jokes. Rather, it is one that preoccupies itself with a variety of green activities. These include things like mountain climbing, food, public lands, and more.

In essence, it is a blog that is all about adventuring out in nature.

One aspect it also covers though is environmentalist actions that people can take to protect their environment.

It is written by a number of people from the Patagonia company who act as ambassadors to environmentalism and other things. The Patagonia company is one that is similar to North Face. They sell clothes and other things for the outdoors.

Most of their articles are about the adventure sports they cater to. However, they aren’t just sport tips. Most of the time, it adds an environmental edge to it like how to keep the running trails as clean as possible.

Other times, they also write about certain projects just like dams and how oil can harm the environment.

This blog is a great thing to add to your daily schedule. Checking the blog daily can give you your daily dose of environmental actions and news.

Dot Earth

Next up is Dot Earth. It is written by a former New York Times reporter, Andrew Revkin. Identifying as an activist, Revkin writes about the many different environmental laws, news, and other things that people need to be aware of or do.

While his environmentalist opinions run high, he always manages to keep an open mind to the sides of other people. He always welcomes discussions on the subject matter.

Revkin puts his New York Times pedigree to good use through his article. They are well-thought out articles and sourced greatly. One example is an interview with a physicist that proved that global warming was indeed upon the human race.

We hope these articles make you aware of certain issues like stormwater pollution and algal blooms.