Beyond each of our doors and walls lies the environment. It is a very precious thing that people often take for granted. They fail to realize that without a lush healthy environment around us, we’d soon wither and fall as well.

The advancement of our society usually only thinks about how the world can move forward and do things better. Sometimes though, it fails to analyze whether the things they are doing are harmful to the environment or not.

Apart from these, the things that we do each day have the capability of affecting the environment negatively.

As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure. In order to understand how we can prevent these bad things from happening to our environment, people can head to conferences.

These conferences will talk about the latest occurrences and trends that people can study and apply in their lives to help the environment.

Pollution Control


The first event we’ll be looking at is the 6th Global Summit and Expo on Pollution Control. The event will be taking place on the 6th and 7th of May, 2019 in the Netherlands.

At the event, speakers and experts on the matter of pollution control will be coming together and sharing their ideas and insights.

The themes that will be tackled in the conference include things such as environmental pollution in the water and the air, waste disposal, waste management and treatment, bioenergy, biofuels, sustainability and so much more.

Through the keynotes, talks, and discussions, you’ll surely be able to glean valuable bits of information that will help you in preventing any harm from coming to the environment.

Apart from that, this is a great opportunity to meet the greatest and brightest minds on the subject. If you are really into environmentalism, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

This conference is separated into many tracks. The best advice the NC CWEP team can offer you is to plan out your conference accordingly. Select which track you are most interested in and commit to it.

Go there with a goal in mind. By the end of the conference, you should have collected information about how to fix your problem.

Environmental Toxicology and Health


Next up, we have the Environmental Toxicology Congress 2019. This conference takes place on the 10th and 11th of June in Osaka Japan.

As the name suggests, this conference talks about toxicology. It is defined as when chemicals affect a certain area or body, and its effects.

If it sounds a bit complicated, don’t fret. One big toxicology example is environmental pollution. Learn more about the current state of environmental toxicology and how it is currently affecting everyone’s health.

We hope these conferences allow you to prevent more things that can damage clean water like algal blooms.