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Learn from the Sodfather about proper lawn care and how to keep your local water clean. Then pledge to keep your lawn Sodfather-approved for a chance to win a FREE compost bin.

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Getting Grass Ready for Fall

Save money and get a healthier lawn by fertilizing properly.

Save money and get a healthier lawn by fertilizing properly.

Autumn is the best time to plant new grass, but did you know that it may not be necessary to fertilize your lawn each Fall? Overfertilizing is actually bad for turf. Check out our yard care page for tips on how you can get a lawn that’s better for the environment and your wallet!

Clean water begins with you and me!

image of person labeling storm drain

Labelled storm drains remind us that they are connected to our streams and creeks

An estimated two-thirds of North Carolina’s water pollution is caused by polluted runoff, also called stormwater pollution. This runoff comes from our streets, lawns, and rooftops. It carries dirt, oil, fertilizer, pet waste, and many other pollutants directly to our streams, lakes, and rivers.

Our waterways provide drinking water, recreation, and fish and wildlife habitat. These uses are threatened by the harmful effects of stormwater pollution.

You can help! Explore this website to learn simple things you can do to help protect our water resources.

Watershed Facts

Did you know?

One inch of rain falling on a one-acre parking lot produces 16 times more runoff by volume than the same inch of rain falling on a one-acre meadow.

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