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n/a (banner image)   City of Raleigh
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Durham residents clean up a stream (rotates)
Labelled storm drains remind us that they are connected to our streams and creeks (rotates)   City of Durham
Fishing for bass is a popular activity in North Carolina (rotates)   NC Wildlife Resources Commission
Bolin Creek near Buck Taylor Mill (rotates)   Dave Otto, Friends of Bolin Creek
Canoeing in clean water is more fun (rotates)   Ben Hitchings
Wildlife likes clean water too!  
About CWEP
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From left to right: the Cape Fear River Basin, the Neuse River Basin, and the Tar-Pamlico River Basin   Betsy Pearce, Town of Cary
Stormwater Pollution
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Excessive amounts of detergent were entering this stormwater drainage ditch Stormwater Pollution (main page)
The water cycle stormwater 101 > The Water Cycle NASA GSFC Earth Science Enterprise Water and Energy Cycle
This graphic shows how water travels over a landscape and eventually forms streams and rivers Stormwater 101 > What is a Watershed? Lane Council of Governments, Lane County, OR
Polluted runoff has numerous sources Stormwater 101 > What is stormwater?
Pollution in stormwater is NOT treated before it reaches streams! Stormwater 101 > What is stormwater? Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
Runoff picks up numerous pollutants from streets, parking lots, and yards as it travels to streams Stormwater 101 >Why is stormwater a problem? City of Fort Collins, CO
Typical water cycle in an undeveloped area Stormwater 101 >Increased RunoffÉ City of Raleigh
Typical water cycle in an urban area Stormwater 101 >Increased RunoffÉ City of Raleigh
Sources of stormwater pollution are numerous and widespread Sources (main page) EPA
Trash here.. Sources  > Litter
...ends up here Sources  > Litter
Sediment buildup in a culvert Sources  > Sediment City of Raleigh
Pet waste contains harmful bacteria Sources> Bacteria City of Marysville, WA
Signs like these remind pet owners to clean up after their pets Sources>Bacteria Univ. of Florida
Fertlizer left on sidewalks washes into storm drains Sources >Fertilizers NCSU Home*A*Syst
Excess fertilizer in water can cause algae blooms Sources >Fertilizers Washington State
Fluids like oil and antifreeze that leak from vehicles are water pollution Sources > Vehicles City of Durham
Gas spilled at gas stations quickly makes its way to creeks when it rains Sources > Vehicles UNRBA/Center for Watershed Protection
Ineffective sediment and erosion control at a construction site Sources > Development
Parking lots create lots of runoff Sources > Development UNRBA/Center for Watershed Protection
Painting your house only creates pollution if you let it Sources > Chemicals/metals/toxics
Painters should avoid dumping paint or washing brushes outside Sources > Chemicals/metals/toxics
Stormwater pollution directly affects us! Effects (main page) Huron River Watershed Council
Eroded banks damages streamside vegetation Effects  > Erosion and Ecosystem Damage
Algae blooms on the Neuse River are caused by excess nutrients Effects  > Algal Blooms and Fish Kills
Fish kills are common sights during algae blooms Effects > Algal Blooms and Fish Kills
This frog grew an extra hind leg because of parasites from excess nutrients in the water. Effects > Frog Deformities US Environmental Protection Agency
Stormwater pollution can make it necessary to close beaches Effects > Quality of life Huron River Watershed Council
What Can I Do?
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Students label a storm drain What Can I Do MAIN main page City of Durham
Durham residents clean up a stream Get involved main page City of Durham
Students in Durham label a storm drain with anti-pollution messages Get Involved > Volunteer with group City of Durham
There are lots of ways you can help your community protect water quality Get Involved > Volunteer on your own
Durham residents prepare their rain garden for spring Around the house main page City of Durham
It's not difficult to protect water quality while improving your home Around the House > Home care
Rain gardens capture runoff and filter pollution Around the house> Yard care City of Durham
Soap sinks into grass, so less of it reaches waterways Around the House >Vehicles
Collecting rain water for irrigation conserves water, reduces runoff, and saves money Around the house > water conservation
Sweeping rather than hosing down spills results in cleaner stormwater runoff On the job main page Pour-N-Restore
Stream with vegetated riparian buffer On the Job> BMPs
Sand filter in parking lot On the Job> BMPs
Constructed wetland received parking lot runoff On the Job> BMPs
Wet detention pond treats stormwater runoff On the Job> BMPs
Bioretention area treats stormwater runoff On the Job> BMPs
Dry detention stores stormwater runoff On the Job> BMPs
Grass swale conveys and treats stormwater runoff On the Job> BMPs Perdue University
Rain barrel captures stormwater runoff On the Job> BMPs
Green roof captures stormwater runoff On the Job> BMPs
Porous pavers in Kinston capture stormwater runoff On the Job> BMPs
Cars in auto shop On the Job> Vehicle Maintenance
Construction site with equipment On the Job> Construction
Man with leaf blower On the Job> Landscaping
Creek choked with leaves On the Job> Landscaping
Spray from power washer On the Job> Mobile Washing
Man washing windows On the Job> Mobile Washing
Grease collection system On the Job> Restaurant
Improper restaurant materials handling On the Job> Restaurant
Man fishing with view of bridge On the Job> Rules & Regulations
Educators examine an insect collected at a Project WET workshop Teachers Wendy Smith, Town of Chapel Hill
Students learn about polluted stormwater runoff through the Enviroscape watershed model Teachers
Bugs can tell you a lot about the health of your watershed Kids main page Wendy Smith, Town of Chapel Hill
Trace your hand to see how small streams (fingers) flow together to form a larger water body like a lake (hand) which flows into a river (wrist and arm) Kids > Watersheds Are Handy Watershed Stewards Project
The care and health of watersheds is in our hands! Kids > Watersheds Are Handy United Nations Environment Programme
Get your hands dirty for clean water.  Volunteer today! Kids > Watersheds Are Handy
Smaller streams in the upper reaches of a watershed flow downhill to form a larger watershed or river basin Kids > Watersheds Are Handy
This drawing shows how pollution can go-with-the-flow as small streams form larger watersheds  downstream Kids > Watersheds Are Handy
Picture 27,000 milk jugs filled with stormwater.  That's how much stormwater one inch of rain falling over one acre of paved land can produce.  That's a lot of "urban slobber!" Kids > Urban slobber Montecito (CA) Water District
This drawing shows 1 cubic foot of water with a volume of 7.481 gallons. Kids > Urban slobber Montecito (CA) Water District
To picture the size of an acre, picture an American football field (which is 1.32 acres) Kids > Urban slobber
Compare the amount of surface runoff "before" and "after" construction.  Question: What made the difference?  Answer: The amount of natural vegetation that allows rainwater to soak into the ground. Kids > Urban Slobber City of Federal Heights, CO
Can you teach your school something about stormwater?  Kids > Urban slobber Durham Central Park
It only takes one rainstorm to wash this dog poop into a stream and into your drinking water! Kids > Eeeww, dog doo!
Everyone should help scoop the poop! Kids > Eeeww, dog doo! Worthing Borough Council
Some towns provide dispensers of pet waste bags to encourage people to pick up after their pets. Kids > Eeeww, dog doo! Johnsons Environmental Products
Clean water & healthy fish, pets & people Kids > Eeeww, dog doo!
Got bag?  Tail wag! Kids > Eeeww, dog doo!
Fecal coliform bacteria are present in the intestines and feces of warm-blooded animals.  They indicate the presence of other harmful pathogens that can cause intestinal illness. Kids > Eeeww, dog doo! Water Filter Review
Roundworms are parasitic nematodes whose eggs are passed in dog feces.  Roundworms can infect humans if ingested (frequently, a child) and can cause a rash, fever, cough or vision loss. Kids > Eeeww, dog doo! Water Filter Review
When used or disposed of improperly, household chemicals can contaminate our water with the tough stuff chemicals they contain! Kids > Tough Stuff Chemicals City of Coronado
These three Clean Water Stewards have taken a shine to making their own greener window cleaner! Kids > Greener Cleaners Minnesota State University, Mankato
See the oil slick at the bottom of the picture? That's pollution! Kids > Oil Stains & Storm Drains
Here's a storm drain marker from Dallas Fort Worth.  It lets people know "Don't mess with Texas or its clean water!" Kids > Oil Stains & Storm Drains Dallas Fort Worth
You see it in every parking lot:  turbo juice and tailpipe crud on the pavement. Kids > Oil Stains & Storm Drains Great Swamp Watershed Association