Welcome to our Kids’ Pages! Here are five activities designed to educate kids of all ages on stormwater pollution and everybody-needs-to-help solutions!

Have fun and remember… Clean Water Begins with You and Me!

icon for Give Watersheds a Hand

Give Watersheds a Hand

Activities that show what a watershed is and how it works. Learn more…

icon for Urban Slobber

Urban Slobber

Find out how much stormwater runoff your school creates! Learn more…

icon for Eeeww, Dog Doo!

Eeeww, Dog Doo!

See what’s inside your dog! Learn more…

icon for Tough Stuff Chemicals

Tough Stuff Chemicals

Nobody likes cleaning, but the cleaning products we usually use are worse for the environment than they are for us! Learn more…

icon for Greener Cleaners

Greener Cleaners

Find out how you can make safer cleaning products! Learn more…

icon for Oil Stains and Storm Drains

Oil Stains and Storm Drains

Rainbows of oil after rain storms aren’t so pretty after all! Learn more…