Evaluating Stormwater Outreach

Via a Section 319 grant, the NC Clean Water Education Partnership is researching how mass media campaigns can be evaluated efficiently and effectively. Our project focuses specifically on radio, television, and internet media for stormwater outreach.

In conjunction with East Carolina University's Center for Survey Reseach, CWEP conducted primary research to evaluate the effectiveness of its stormwater mass media outreach campaigns.

  1. To establish a "baseline level of awareness," data from the 2005 DENR Survey of Knowledge, Attitude, and Behaviors [PDF] was extracted for ZIP codes that lie within CWEP jurisdictions. This “Pre-Campaign Survey” report resulted.
  2. An extra-heavy Spring television campaign [PDF] was conducted using grant funds and CWEP funds.
  3. CWEP conducted a Summer radio campaign [PDF].
  4. CWEP conducted a Fall television campaign [PDF].
  5. The CWEP website was maintained throughout.
  6. ECU conducted a post-campaign survey [PDF] on the same ZIP codes using phone and mail survey instruments.
  7. Based on an ECU report, CWEP prepared this report comparing pre-campaign and post-campaign data [PDF].

CWEP Coordinator Sarah Bruce and UNC Environmental Finance Center's Mary Tiger also produced a literature review on research relevant to evaluating social marketing mass media campaigns [PDF].

Sarah Bruce also developed this Guidance for Local Governments Using Radio and Television Advertising to Conduct Public Outreach About Stormwater [109 KB PDF]. The report discusses approaches for planning and evaluating mass media social marketing campaigns.