The Clean Water Education Partnership uses a variety of means to educate the public about the importance of watershed stewardship. The pages in this section contain information on CWEP media, including CWEP spots and CWEP campaign statistics, as well as additional media resources.

Additional Resources

NC DENR has developed several sources of guidance on conducting outreach campaigns. Visit and click on TOOLKIT for information specific to local governments.

icon for Television Outreach

Television Outreach

Information on CWEP’s television campaigns, television spots, and additional resources for television

icon for Radio Outreach

Radio Outreach

Information on CWEP’s radio campaigns, radio spots, and additional resources for radio

icon for Cinema Outreach

Cinema Outreach

Information on CWEP’s cinema pre-show campaigns and spots

icon for Print Outreach

Print Outreach

Information on CWEP’s brochures and slicks and additional print media resources

icon for Website Outreach

Website Outreach

Information on CWEP’s website and additional Internet resources

icon for CWEP Annual Reports

CWEP Annual Reports

Information about CWEP’s activities summarized by fiscal year

icon for Evaluating Stormwater Outreach

Evaluating Stormwater Outreach

CWEP is researching ways to evaluate mass media campaigns to educate the public about stormwater.